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Free Coaching Session on Game Development in Unity

Interested in Game Design and Development- From Beginner to Advanced?

Ever wondered what software/tool do you need in order to develop a computer game? Do you know what one needs to know to define the rules of physics inside of a game? Do you know what Unity game engine is, but never got a chance to get started? If yes is the answer to either one of these questions, then this event is for you.

If you want to learn Game Design in a fun and enjoyable way this is the ultimate course for you. Traditional Game Design and Development courses can cost you $1000 or more, but since this is on-demand, you’ll get the same world-class instruction for only significantly less! Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to your content, can learn at your own pace on any device.

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CEO Message


“The internet has encompassed the globe and humans now strive to unearth new types of connections. As hardware and software now ride on the internet we have now entered an age where walking around with devices that are more powerful than the supercomputers of the recent past is a part of everyday life. This is the beginning of an era which will see the creation of new value through the linking of diverse businesses using the internet as a platform. The huge network of the internet has released previously unimaginable liquidity of information and capital and given birth to dynamic innovations in organizational value. Concurrently, the evolution of the cloud and smart devices has empowered individuals and enabled the development of flexible business networks internal and external to organizations. As a result, the importance of the physical framework of the organization has decreased and the benefits of boundary less amoeba-like value-creating teams are becoming apparent. It is thus becoming possible for all companies to optimize their core value-creating assets and rapidly increase their worth. While we at TechMicroSol see these new connections as generators of new organizational wealth we are also convinced that they are a force for the evolution of society.”


Amin Ahmad

CEO TechMicroSol